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Built-in Protection

Senior phone protection for you and your identity.

Call Filtering

GPS Tracking

Fingerprint Sign in

Unlimited Talk/Text

GPS: Locate Your Phone Anytime

Now you can find the location of your phone at anytime. If your senior parent needs directions you can see their location through the Jott GPS App. Now you can have peace of mind they are where they need to be.

The Perfect Package for Seniors

All-in-one deal (starting at)

$149 + $39/mo

Nationwide Coverage

Built on the back of the nation’s most reliable network.

Say goodbye to spam and scam.

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Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Protected from Bad Actors

There are a lot of new ways that people are scamming people online. We lock down our phones so that this can’t happen to the people we love most. We work hard to keep up with the latest scams, hacks and other negative things that endanger our families.

History of Jott

We started Jott with a mission of ending the countless scammers that try and harm our parents. We ALL know someone that has been taken advantage of. When this happened to my parents it hurt them financially. I do this for my mom, to help give back to her what was taken from her. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

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For every person you refer over that activates a line we pay you $50. The more people you refer over to Jott, the more money you’ll make. Learn how some of our top referral partners are making money while helping seniors stay safe.


About Jott

Jott protects your parents from online scams by not allowing the most typical things on the phone that allow hackers and scammers to access their data.
  • We have call spam filters for seniors that block spammers and scammers. We go as far as redirecting the spammers to bots that waste their time.
  • We don’t have access to the internet on the phone. This helps to not allow someone to hack the phone or allow your parent from accessing their bank accounts or other accounts that might be taken advantage of if the wrong person is on the phone.
  • We protect seniors from the weird attacks that happen through email. Many bad links allow negative actors to take over their phone and access things. We don’t allow email on any of our phones. We also find that many have a hard time reading the small text.
Older Americans were cheated out of $3 billion last year according to CNBC. There were over 63,500 senior citizens scammed via their phones. Elderly fraud is real. At Jott, we’re on a mission to help eliminate the ones we love from being scammed online.
We don’t allow the most common methods to scam our seniors:
  • Email scams – Jott doesn’t allow email on any of our phones.
  • Caller Scams – Jott blocks 99.999% of caller spam. This includes tech support scams.
  • Romance Scams – Average scam of $10k+. We help eliminate caller spam calls.
  • Text Scams – Jott filters out unwanted spam and have an easy report tool.
Our goal is to protect your parent from the harm that’s in this World. You’ve got a lot to worry about and don’t need your parent’s cell phone being a part of this problem.
We currently offer two cell phones for seniors:
  1. Jott G5 by Nuu – a 4G LTE phone with 64GB + 4GB Ram with an Ultra-Wide 6.5-inch HD+ screen and our longest lasting battery on the market with 33 hours of continuous talk time. It also comes with a standard 120+ hours of stand by. This means that if your parent forgets to plug in their phone for a night or two, their phone won’t be dead. The G5 also comes with a 16MP front-facing camera so they can video chat with their children, grandchildren, or friends anytime.
  2. Jott G3 by Nuu – a 64GB + 4GB Ram (front and rear) HD camera. Our top to the line Jott senior phone that comes with all the bells and whistles to protect your parent while, know where they are at all times and allow them to talk and text just like they have for years. 
Nope. We don’t believe in contracts. We believe in offering the safest phone on the market at the best price and our customers will stick around.
Jott started in 2020 when one of our founding team member’s parents were scammed for over $10,000 in one afternoon. We’ve all heard the story. Scammer calls pretending their grandchild is in jail and we need money to get them out. They always want to help so don’t question. The scammer knows everyone’s names, where they live, etc. They are good.  We never want this to happen to anyone ever again. We will work day and night to stop this.
Currently no, we do not offer any senior medical devices for safety. We’re in the process of vetting a few partners that are reputable in the space but to date, we haven’t found anything that has gained our complete confidence. If you’re a medical device company for seniors please use our contact page to get in touch.
AARP recommends the Jott phone as the #1 senior phone plan on the market.  There are a few other competitors out there that they’ve put on the senior phone list but we’re not going to mention them 😉 right now.  
Currently no, but we’re working with a few major insurance companies to put together a senior cell phone plan that they can offer to their customers.  We’re still in negotiations on this but hope to have something to show for it in the coming months.

Cell Phone Security

We have done everything we can to provide the safest phone from scams and fraud.  To provide the safest phone, the phone is restricted from the internet, browsers, email, and the apps store to download these apps.
Not only are the phones internet restricted, but phone call filtering technology to filter and block spam, scammers, and mysterious calls.
Our GPS software is virtually hacker free as breaching a GPS requires the ability to download spyware to the device which is not possible. Privacy concerns about GPS tracking have resulted in legislation around how GPS tracking devices can be used
With a few easy steps, an account owner can easily locate the device.  This allows you to know where the device or your Senior is to help keep them safe.
The Jott Senior phone is the easiest and safest senior phone on the market.

Senior Phone Plans

We offer two different senior phone plans:
  1. Pro Unlimited talk and text
  2. Pro+ Unlimited talk and text with GPS, MMS, Group Messaging, and Video calls. 
Both our cell phone plans for seniors include unlimited talk and text. Pick which plan works the best for you and your family.
Our cell phone plans are focused around seniors but anyone can purchase our locked-down phone. Our goal is to protect our customers from external negative influences.
We do not allow you to download new apps on your phone. This helps you and your parent stay safe. If you’re wanting a particular app on your phone, contact our customer support. If we get enough people wanting this, we’ll add it to our custom operating system.
If you lose your phone, no sweat. We can overnight you a new phone with an activated SIM in there. You’ll have to purchase a new phone and pay for shipping but we know this type of stuff happens. You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last to lose your phone. Heck, around 50% of our staff have lost a phone in the past. Losing your phone happens.
We do have GPS enabled on our Pro Senior phones plan so that you can track your phone or your senior’s phone. We can track down to around 4 feet of its location.
Another option is to purchase our Protection Plan that costs $5 a month. This covers any loss or damage you might have with your phone. Just pay the deductible and you’ll have the phone shipped out the next business day.
Looking for a free senior phone? We offer 24-month contracts where you get a free phone for your parent.
Not wanting to sign a contract? We try and keep the price of the phone as cheap as possible to not add one more large cost to your life. We’re always offering new phones and discounts on older phones as well.
YES, if you have served in the military we offer 50% off any phone and 50% off any plan for life.
YES, if you have more than 25 plans you’re looking to activate we offer bulk pricing on both phones and plans.

Jott Reviews from Real Customers

Kristy Brooks
Aged 66
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Barbara Simonds
Aged 66
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Barbara Simonds
Aged 66
Elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Nam varius consectetur elem.

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